Are your competitors out ranking you?

How to rank in Google Maps?

When it comes to increasing your business’s visibility online, ranking high in Google Maps can be a game-changer. With our Proximity Network or Booster we can improve your Google Maps ranking and attract more local customers.


Your business is in one Zip Code but your customers are all around you.

Why is this Important?

Do you know what Proximity Booster and network are?

That’s okay. Here’s the short answer:

The Google Proximity Booster and Network combines geo-located landing pages and an optimized Google Business Profile to increase your company’s visibility among Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) by increasing organic traffic.

What does that actually mean? 

It’s Google’s latest way of sorting all the possible answers to potential customer’s search queries and picking the top answers to display. 

You need to be on PAGE ONE of local search or you become invisible to 99% of your potential customers.

Google makes it hard to rank. It traditionally takes many months and thousands of dollars to build a local SEO presence.

Search platforms like Google keep changing their algorithms and you're stuck chasing them instead of doing what you love - Your Business.

So how do we help you beat Google?

We deploy dozens of service-specific, geo-targeted local Landing Pages. Based on Google Maps categories and keywords. It’s just like placing a billboard on every street corner for your business. We also link these pages to form a Store Locator Network  for you.

We optimize your Google My Business page to rank higher in search in your immediate suburb and then rapidly expand your presence in your wider service area within the Google Local Pack, which is the top three results in map search.

You Can Expect to See an Increase in:

Why is it so hard
to get on to page one?

Mudpaw Design House Google Maps Ranking

It's Google's Game.
They set the rules.

How does it all work?


We'll feature relevant, high-value keywords for your business to build your Proximity Network.


We use Proximity Booster to find customers in the immediate area of your business with pinpoint accuracy.


We'll increase your Prominence in search results when consumers search for products “near me.”


We use fast-loading optimized landing pages to make it easy for people to contact you. All you have to do is convert them.

What You Can Expect in...

2 Weeks

Instant Gratification
Get found on Google
Rapid Ranking
Establish SEO Presence

1 Month

Accelerated Impressions
Increased Traffic Growth
Build Multiplier Effect

3 Months

Driving More Clicks
More Engagement
Expand Value Offering


Valuable Conversions

** SERP pages deployed between 29th April, 2022 and 28th June, 2022 based on page 1 ranking within 90 days.