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Contact Page Content

Helpful tips and information to get srtarted.

The Contact Page offers you a chance to start a good relationship with your potential customer.

You’ll want to include all the ways a customer can contact you, such as:  

  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Business Address 
  • Place of Business or Showroom  
  • Social Media Links (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter or X, etc.) 

Be sure to include a sentence or two to set expectations.

  • What are your business hours?
  • How quickly will you respond?
  • Is one type of contact better or faster than another (such as text vs email vs telephone)?  

About Us Page Content

Helpful tips and information to get srtarted.

The About Page should talk about some aspect of your company. Often, this is where we tell the story of how we got into business, what motivates us, and why we do what we do. It can also be about the Team, in which case the story being told is about each individual on your team.  

In writing your About Page, think about an aspect of your story that can inspire people to choose you. This is your opportunity to make a human connection that’ll help you stand out in your potential customers’ minds as they’re making their choice on who to go with. Here are a few questions to consider:  

  • Where did you get your start in this business? 
  • What drew you to this line of work? 
  • Why do you care as much as you do about doing what you do? 
  • What are your company values and how do they fuel your work? 
  • What is your company mission and how does it drive the way you do business?   

Aim to write 250-500 words, or a couple short paragraphs for your About Page. This is one spot where you can go long, so if you write 2000 words, that’s okay.  

Contractions are also okay for most industries. They give a more close, connected feel to text and can be used effectively to make people feel comfortable with you and your offerings. Take a quick look at your competition to see if they’re using contractions on their websites if you’re unsure about whether contractions are right for you.   

If you know what keywords people use to describe your work, it doesn’t hurt to use them in your text a few times, too.  

If you’re finding yourself squeamish or overwhelmed by the prospect of writing your About Page, consider pulling out your smartphone and using the dictate function to help out. Most of us are quite good at telling our stories if we can just say what we want to say. Try dictating into your phone as if you’re talking to someone you met at the grocery store or at a bus stop or at an airport. Tell them your story in just a couple minutes, then read what the phone recorded. That will probably give you a terrific jumping-off point for writing your About Page and it may even make up the core of your content with just a few tweaks.  

If you want to use the About Our Team approach to your About Page, ask each team member to answer the same basic set of questions in about 100 words. Having everyone answer the same set of questions will give the feel of continuity and teamwork to your page. Questions to consider include: 

  • What do you do within this company (Job title/duties)? 
  • What part of your work do you most like or most motivates you? 
  • What one or two things do you most enjoy doing in your off-hours?  

Services/Products Page Content

Helpful tips and information to get srtarted.

You have a core set of services or products you offer for your business. The Services or Products Page is where you’ll go a little more in-depth on each of those core offerings. This is one place where it’s very helpful to know what terms customers and industry pros use to describe what you do. Those terms will make up the basic set of keywords potential customers will use to search for your services or products, and using them in your Services or Products Page content will help them find you.  

Aim to write about 100-250 words on each of your core offerings. We find choosing up to about 4-5 core offerings is best, even if you offer a variety of other products and services. If you’re unsure which services or products to focus on, think about what you sell most or what is most profitable for your company to sell.  

If you’re struggling to get started, this is a good time to use your smartphone’s dictation tools to help the ideas and copy start flowing. Pretend you’re talking to someone who just called to ask about the first of your services or products. Tell them the basics as if you know they have very limited time to talk. Talk about just one at a time, starting a new dictation session for each one. After you’ve finished one (or all if doing more than one at a time suits you), review the dictated text and use that as a start for your copy.  

Be sure to include some of the words people use when they search for the service or product you’re covering. Consider answering these questions:  

  • What are my services or products and how are they beneficial in general? 
  • What makes your version of these services or products special – why are yours better than the competition’s? 
  • How can a potential customer learn more? 

Services/Products Page Content

Helpful tips and information to get srtarted.

We recommend tackling the Home Page content last, mainly because once you’ve taken the time to cover all the other content your mind will be in the best place for pulling together what’s needed for the Home Page.  

The Home Page is your potential customer’s first impression of your business. This is where they’ll decide to stick around longer or move on. That kind of pressure can make writing your Home Page content feel much harder than it needs to be.  

You’ve already thought a lot about who you are, what you do, and what makes you better than anyone else because you’ve written the About, Services/Products, and Contact Page content already. For the Home Page, you’re going to let all that other content be the foundation you stand on as you show potential customers what you offer.  

The Attention Grabber: Home Page Content Piece #1 

The Home Page begins with an attention grabber of some kind. This is a terrific place to show your potential customer you understand the problem they’re trying to solve by starting with something that shows you do.


  • What problem does your potential customer want to solve? 
  • How might your potential customer feel about the situation?  
  • How can you help?  

An example of an attention grabber might be: 

Throwing Money at Marketing and still feeling the Pinch? We’ll help you design a website that generates leads so all you gotta do is close ‘em!  

You’ll notice that the example begins with a question about the problem a potential customer (like yourself!) may be facing followed by a promise that the problem can be solved. It leaves open the question of how that problem can be solved to entice the potential customer to scroll down to find out.  

 The About Us Statement: Home Page Content Piece #2 

This is the spot where you brag about your company just a little. The aim is to inspire confidence in your potential customer. You can use a shortened version of the content you used for your About Page if you already wrote about your company. 

If you chose use the About Our Team as the focus for your About Page content, take the time now to write a short About Us statement that’s more focused on your company. Review the About Page Content section to get a feel for how to write this, but plan to keep it short. You’ll want around 100-200 words at most here.  

 The Why Us Statement: Home Page Content Piece #3 

This is where you can and should tell potential customers what sets you apart from the competition. In essence, this is where you get to declare why you’re able to provide the best services or products possible and how those services or products will solve their problems.

Questions to Answer:  

  • How does our service or product solve your problem? 
  • What promise do we make to you about the services or products we offer? 
  • How will the potential customer feel after buying our service or product? 

Review/Gallery Page Content

Helpful tips and information to get srtarted.

This is the place to show off a bit.

For the Gallery

Provide photos of past work you have done to show a potential customer what your business can do. For instance, if you are a metal fabricator pictures of special or unique projects that showcase your business’ skills.

When submitting

  • Name the photos to represent your work.
  • Write a 10-20 word description


For Reviews

If you have not purchased our reviews software that will feed your reviews in then putting them in manually here is next. Go to your where your reviews are ones that you have received and provide us with:

  • Their Name
  • How many stars?
  • Where the review is from.
  • The reviewer’s content.

We need at least three reviews.

Now that you’ve committed to having Mud Paw Design build you a new website, you’ve got a short list of tasks to complete. The most important of those (except signing the contract, of course) is submitting your website content. The writing part is where most folk get stuck, and that’s what this guide is here to help you with. Feel free to use any or all of the suggestions as you create your content. Be aware that the check list of content needed for your site is unique to you and needs to be completed as soon as possible so we can get building. If you have questions about which items you need to submit, contact us.