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You can choose any Design Agency. Here is why you should choose us.

Welcome to Mudpaw Design House.

Website Design & Graphic Design in Eugene, Oregon

We’re a dynamic Design Agency located in Eugene, Oregon. That means we’re not limited to designing in just one platform, like a graphic designer or a website designer might be.

Instead, we can help you create the full suite of your marketing tools, including:

We understand the high value our clients place on a professional, integrated approach to their marketing, sales, and in-house materials. Our own experience coupled with that of our select vendors makes us a Premier Design Agency for small- to mid-sized businesses who want a leg-up on their competition.

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Our Priorities are:

Your Satisfaction

We prioritize customer satisfaction through top-notch products and service. Our goal: build long-lasting customer relationships for the best experience possible.

To Work Quickly

We're experienced and efficient and can create solutions quickly. Our determination sets us apart and together we can accomplish anything.

Done On Time

Our business is all about on time delivery. We set clear expectations with you and you know every step of the way.



How We Started

Years ago, you could be just be a website designer or just a graphic designer and serve your clients pretty darn well. Then, the lines between print and digital began to blur as companies demanded an integrated approach to their marketing materials.

We knew we wanted to grow with the times and to be The Best design agency for our clients. We sought opportunities to expand our skills beyond the old paradigms. We worked with printers and programmers, photographers and writers, creatives and production-minded designers, all to learn how they do what they do, especially when they’re doing it really well. 

We’ve built a lot of skills and relationships over the years we know we can rely on to handle any project we choose to take on. We only take on projects we know will best serve our clients, even if those projects push us to expand our skills or network to include new advances in the industry. 

Mud Paw, the big black dog who gave us our name, constantly reminds us that Marketing, like Life, can get a bit messy. That’s why you only want to play with the best. 

Innovation. Growth. Expertise. Enthusiasm.

Our Culture

We assume you love your business as much as we love ours, and we wouldn’t trade ours for the world.

Mudpaw Design House is a place where Good Design meets Real Business in ways that celebrate the unique talents of our team and of our clients. Every project offers us an opportunity to revel in the joy of building marketing materials that fit like a glove.

Design that works

Graphic design brings ideas to life effectively by communicating complex concepts, drawing attention, and increasing engagement and loyalty. Investing in design is investing in your brand, and we can help you achieve your goals.

Marketing to excel

We create top-notch content and analyze performance to refine strategies. By investing in effective marketing, businesses can achieve success in the short and long term, build loyal customers, and ensure long-term sustainability.


Who We Are

Patrick Hunter - Website & Graphic Designer

Patrick Hunter

Website & Graphic Designer

Candace - Production/Bookkeeping



Finan Hunter - Production



Jaspar AKA Mudpaw - Namesake/Morale Booster

Jaspar AKA Mudpaw

Namesake/Morale Booster

Why Choose Us

Our Business Value


The Best is what it takes to beat the Big Guys. We'll ensure you get exactly what you need to do just that.


Your budget matters. We offer the best possible prices for the value we deliver.

Real People Not AI

We're a human-powered shop. We've got 30+ years experience you can lean into. We promise to never let AI control your project.

Creative Solutions

We'll help you weigh the options and find the solution that fits your directive best even if it requires an unconventional approach.


What separates amateurs from pros? Understanding branding and the rules for each item we design. We'll ensure your projects are on par with the pros.

Customer Service

Relationships are what we're built on. From first contact onward, you'll know you've found experts you can count on through any challenge.