You need a logo you can be proud of for your business.

Let the pros design a logo for you.

Logo design is a crucial element of branding as it has the power to communicate the values, mission, and essence of a company. A well-designed logo can create brand recognition, increase customer loyalty and differentiate a business from its competitors.



All of your branding starts from one or two points...

Your business didn’t just pop up overnight. You took the time to pour over all the details of who, what, when, where, and why your business needs to exist. You’ve done the hardest part, but now you need to get SEEN. This where Mudpaw comes in. We offer a complete branding experience from logo design, to business cards, to website design.

The look and feel of your brand speaks volumes to your target audience. We like to start with your logo. This is the first thing your customers and clients will recognize about your business and it should be simple, have impact, and be memorable.

The core element of a branding experience is your business’ logo. From this part of your brand everything else is developed. We work with you to craft the perfect identity for your business. We work on your logo by asking you about your likes and dislikes in colors, fonts, aesthetics, and company goals.

Taking that information, we use our years of design talent and make a logo you will be proud to show in your business cards, building, and even your car. 

Once we button up all the loose ends, we deliver a logo package with assets for digital and print use as well as a branding guideline. This is so that all your employees or team can be aligned with using your branding assets appropriately for marketing your business.

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