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Quoting Policy

We can and do quote jobs regularly. Because costs fluctuate, our quotes are good for 30 days, with the most recent quote we’ve given you being the one we’ll honor. Quotes older than 30 days or older than the most recent we’ve provided will be considered invalid. We strive to stay on top of industry changes with our print vendors as well as the software and hardware providers we use. Our quotes are generally very close to accurate but the final cost may be as much as 20 percent higher or lower than quoted. This is most often due to unforeseen factors, such as minor changes in deliverables, extra rounds of changes, or complications that are beyond our (and often your) ability to control.


Billing Policy

We are a small, family business and greatly appreciate prompt payment. We require thirty percent down on work for new clients and full payment in advance on printing jobs. Our billing day is the 25th of the month with payments due on receipt. We accept cash, check, Paypal, and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express). Other payment arrangements may be negotiable. Contact us to discuss your job today. 541-338-7181.


Copyrights and Deliverables

As a design company, our work is commissioned. Once we have a verbal agreement, work proceeds. We work with you to create the deliverables you desire. The final deliverables and any associated electronic files are your property and are delivered on request after payment-in-full has been received. We reserve the right to use examples of the work we’ve done for you, including deliverables and their associated electronic files, in the promotion of our business.

We hold electronic copies of completed work for 12 months after payment in-full is received and original deliverables are delivered. We hold electronic copies of completed work not paid for in-full up to 90 days, after which the work is deleted from our servers unless other arrangements have been made.