A person with Website Avoidance Disorder or WAD may be afraid to type in their web address online for fear of seeing an out-of-date website with errors, or rendering on devices incorrectly, or still having flash content. They may also spend a great deal of time anxiously looking at their competitor websites generating a  feeling of inadequacy which causes them to freeze and not address their website issues.

The Symptoms Can Include:

  • Avoiding their website because of fears of criticism, disapproval, or rejection.
  • An unwillingness to get involved with their website unless they are certain of success.
  • Reluctance to take risks or to engage in marketing activities because they may prove unproductive.
  • Fear of being criticized or rejected on social media.
  • Inhibition in new business situations because of feelings of website inadequacy.
  • Viewing self as inept in working on their website.

The Treatment:

  • Admit they have a problem
  • Look at their website and assess their issues
  • Contact Mud Paw Design which can help them work through their WAD and give them confidence and pride in their website.
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