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Like your home or office, your website needs monthly maintenance and security protection to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Without regular maintenance, your site is vulnerable to software conflicts and hackers. At the lower end, my website maintenance and security packages offer the equivalent of regular maintenance checks with repairs and updates made as needed. At the higher end, my website maintenance and security packages include the equivalent of a security team and added insurance against potential damage.

Managed Website Hosting

$34.95/Month or $360/year

This level is for those of you who use your website as a representation of your business online, who have a moderate number of articles or posts, and typically see 700 or more visitors to your site per month. At this level, you get White Belt Website protection plus isecWordfenceurity. The security service offered through Wordfence gives you an extra layer of protection against hackers and malware, weeds out bots and foreign ip addresses known to be connected to hacking activity, and helps you create stronger passwords. In addition, should your site security be compromised, Wordfence helps me troubleshoot the problem and restore your site faster and easier, keeping your recovery costs down.

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