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X Frame Table Top 11×17 Banners

Table Top X Frame Banner Design

When Kaz of Train Like You Mean It called me, she’d just been offered a table at an upcoming show and she needed a banner. We had nine days to go, a timeframe that would have been challenging even with a flush budget. Kaz’s budget for this one was last-minute tight.

After a moment of thought, I suggested three table top banners. They’re 11-inch by 17-inch canvas banners supported by a lightweight, semi-flexible metal frame–super easy to set-up, take down, and store. Since I can get them printed locally at a reasonable price with no shipping, we had a little time to play with the design.
Kaz loved the idea. I set to work straight away designing one for each of her new programs, Criminal Justice, ALICE, and SAFE. Within a day we had a design she liked. A day later, I picked them up from the printers and delivered them to her. It truly was that fast.
The best part…they were Dirt Cheap. Kaz loved that they cost a fraction of what she’d expected to pay for a rush-job banner. And, since they’ll be right there on her table, they’ll invite conversation and questions from potential clients who visit her booth at the show. That’s a lot of bang for the buck.
For me, solving Kaz’s problem super fast, within budget, and, best of all, without the stress that usually comes with a rush job reminded me just how much I love my work.
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Train Like You Mean It

Springfield, OR

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11 x 17 X Frame Table Top Banners


Train Like You Mean It

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