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Knowledge Universe Travel Portal

One of my clients, TZell Northwest , had a big problem. They needed a small website for a company they support, Knowledge Universe, and they needed it fast–within in two days of our initial phone conversation.

They were looking for a static site that would use the look and feel of the parent company’s corporate site so it fit seamlessly into their client’s environment.  We started designing using graphics and parts from the Knowledge Universe site. I’ve done a few of these sorts of sites, and though it may be a professional faux pas to admit it, I like Artisteer for the job. Even the older version I have, Artisteer 3.0 for the Mac (only because they haven’t updated their Mac platform to the latest release, don’t get me started on that!), allowed me to grab the elements I needed from the parent site and drop them into place on our new static site quickly and easily. Dreamweaver, Joomla, and WordPress are still by far better tools for sites that need to remain dynamic or that are just plain large. For a small site with just a few pages and static content, Artisteer is a good choice.

In just a few days, I was able to produce the site Tzell Northwest needed to serve their client. You can take a look at the live site and see for yourself at The Knowledge Universe Travel Portal. Both Tzell Northwest and Knowledge Universe are happy with the end result. We are glad to have helped them through their challenge.

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