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Trade Show Booth Backdrop and Table Runner Design and Printing

As the show season rolled in this year, Russ and Katrina at Duer’s ATA Martial Arts decided it was time to give their show booth an update. In the past, they had a hodgepodge collection of banners, stands, and table cloths. This year, they wanted a coordinated, professional look that conveyed the level of training and expertise new students and parents find when they enter the dogen. Together, we scoped out a set of materials that would help them achieve their goal within the budget they’d set.

We began with a new table wrap. Most of their booths are a standard size, 8-foot by 10 foot (2.4 m x 3 m). We decided to set the table at the back of the booth to help draw potential students in. I designed a custom table wrap printed with their values, logos, and contact information. To provide a backdrop for the table, we added an 8 foot x 8 foot (2.5 m x 2.5 m) self-framed fabric banner. The design includes a shot of Russ and Katrina along with the services they provide, both their regular programs and the extras like Women’s Self Defense workshops and Taekwondo Birthday Parties.

One of their concerns was that information packets, brochures, and other items on the table top might slide back and fall behind the table. To avoid that, I designed the two to work together. When they set-up, they’ll push the table right up to the backdrop, ensuring there’s no gap. No parts of the backdrop’s design will be hidden by the table, either.

The bonus to this project is that Russ and Katrina will be able to use the table wrap for testings and at other non-show events through out the year, too. The values they’re teaching, along with their logo and contact information will be right there for students, parents, and visitors, thus extending the value of this particular marketing piece. That helped make the already affordable costs of this project even easier to justify in their marketing budget.

If you’re looking to update your show booth or create one for the first time, there’s an almost staggering array of choices out there. Amidst them, we can help you find the perfect set to help you create the custom, professional look you want to showcase your company and products or services. Contact us today to talk about how we can help.


Duer’s ATAMartial Arts
Russ Duer and Katrina Jensen

Job Type:

  • Booth Backdrop
  • Table Runner

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