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New Logo Design for Bar and Restaurant


This is a new logo for a new business. The client is purchasing an existing establishment and changing the name and focus. The business is located near Oregon’s Mckenzie River so she wanted to have some flow in the text. They wanted a text logo more than a graphic symbol so I decided to add a simple wave design below the business name. I also added a gradient to give it motion and had the waves stop a the decender in the letter “p” to further accentuate the “stop” in River Stop. In addition the client also had some color choices in mind. I incorporated those and delivered not just the logo above but also a positive version shown below and a black and white version. I provided them with the necessary file types so they have the flexibility in usage.

Riverstop-Logo_pos[/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last]


River Stop
Bar and Restaurant

Job Type:

New Logo Design

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