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CJS Real Estate: From Static to Responsive Website Design

Last November, I had a chance to meet with Biff Sessner from CJS Real Estate to talk about his website. He’d created it years ago and was managing it himself amidst his otherwise busy work schedule. While that may have been the most cost effective way to get started with a website long ago, he knew his site was no longer drawing the traffic he wanted to his business. It was time for a few updates, and he didn’t know where to begin.

After taking a look at Biff’s site and listening to his needs, I could see that the most important components were an updated look and feel that included a responsive, mobile friendly foundation and better SEO. To start off, I recommended a WordPress site with an SEO friendly theme. That would allow us to keep his current website hosting provider, making the list of changes we needed to make a little smaller and more manageable.

I also recommended we update the overall look and feel to be more aligned with his competition, modern and fast. to help make his site easier to maintain, we added a Zillow component. Since CJS Real Estate already had a Zillow account, we were able to tap into his past sales and add a feed for his most recent listings to his site using Zillow’s website integration tools. Zillow also offered a search, mortgage calculator, and current mortgage rate feeds to make his site more helpful to his potential clients. The added bonus to the new system was that he’d no longer need to maintain two listings for each of his properties, one time for his website and one for his Zillow listings; the single Zillow listing would fulfill both needs. We effectively cut his weekly website maintenance in half while increasing his site’s overall footprint and usefulness considerably. He now has a multi-page site that’s responsive and has more home graphics and multiple calls to action to help generate leads.

Biff was happy not only with the work we’ve finished but also with the potential we’ve opened for him. In the future, he can easily add new content if he wants, like a blog or Closer’s Gallery. Since WordPress is so versatile and scaleable, it’s a great tool for novice users. As it stands, Biff can easily make changes to his site, like updating contact information or adding a few text changes. His site is as impressive as his competition and it’s easy to use for new clients or potential customers.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or property in Oregon, check out Biff’s new site and give him a call. If you want to make some updates to your website or get one started, contact me today!


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