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A New Website for Prevention Lane

New Website Redesign

I am  proud to announce the completion of the website with over 300 pages of content and a massive download library. PreventionLane wanted to update their website from a Dreamweaver based website to a CMS (Content Management System). We chose to use self-hosted WordPress based websitefor the task.  During this redesign there were distinct goals, like multiple contributors, and a fully responsive design, which means that the site will actively resize itself depending on the screen it is shown on. I also wanted a theme that could display many entry points for the reader. We chose WP-Clear as the theme. This theme allowed us to easily customize the look and feel that would help us match the aesthetic of the original site but with the refinements of a modern responsive theme.

This website required us to move over 300 posts from the original site to the new WordPress site. This meant stripping out extra code and reformatting the new posts for WordPress. This also included handling all of the images for the site. We also had a unique challenge of having over 100 hundred downloadable files to manage. We chose Delightful Downloads to help us with this. It shows download statistics so they can decide whether or not to keep a download or delete it. Check the New website out today.


Original Website

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Lane County Health and Human Services

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Complete Website Redesign


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