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The New River Stop Restaurant Website Design

The River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar is a terrific little sports restaurant and bar located on the McKenzie River just a few miles past Springfield. When Heather first contacted me, she’d just taken ownership and was excited about the many changes and improvements she had planned. I did some work for her then, but she wanted to do the website herself. A few months later, the website still hadn’t been started. It turned out that business has been good and the many updates and systems she’s been working on had consumed all her time and energy. She needed help.

After consulting with Heather on the look and feel she wanted for her website, we settled on a WordPress theme that would allow her to easily update and maintain it once the initial work was completed. With just a little training, Heather will be able to easily ensure her online menus, events calendar, contact information and hours, and other information are always current and correct, even if changes happen daily.
For Heather’s site, I chose a responsive theme so her site will look professional and modern on all devices, including those tiny cell phone screens. I took photos of the restaurant, bar, and events room we used through out the site to promote all the River Stop Restaurant and Sports Bar has to offer.

We included menus, catering information and menus, an events calendar, contact forms with Google maps, Facebook feeds that allow Heather to update the site and Facebook at the same time, as well as full Mailchimp email integration. I also set-up Google analytics so we can monitor the site’s activity and correlate upswings and dips in business with site traffic, enabling Heather to get fast feedback on how her site changes and updates affect her bottom line.

The part of the project Heather liked best, beyond the overall look and feel that was exactly what she wanted, was the timeline. Instead of several months or even weeks, we got the job done in one week and we pulled it in within budget. Working together was a fun experience, made more so by the responsive and upbeat nature we both brought to the project.


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