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MDSI’s Website Redesign with WordPress and Total Theme

I’ve just finished a project I’m proud to share with you. Noel at MD Solutions International (MDSI) contacted me in late winter wanting an update to their website. I first created their site two years ago. Since then, not much had changed…on the site. Their business, however, has been through a world of changes. Internal shifts and market changes had all contributed to a static site, one that wasn’t pulling its weight on their marketing platform or a reflection of the vibrant new direction they’d taken. Noel said, “It’s time for a change.”

I eagerly jumped into the project. There’s nothing as satisfying as taking an older site that has some good content and turning it into a modern, exciting installation; it’s like creating a piece of artwork from reclaimed materials. 

For MDSI, the work included choosing a new open and dynamic template. I wanted something responsive, so it would please the search engine bots for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the others. It turned out to be an easy search. I found a template Noel and the team at MDSI loved quickly and got to work converting their content. 

The new MDSI site includes a dynamic slider designed to convert viewers to engaged customers and an improved SEO strategy and tool set to help MDSI get noticed. We included a drag and drop editor on the back end so the team can write and edit their own articles, making it easier than ever before to update the site. 

The results were fantastic. Noel and the MDSI team loved the improvements. Their customers clearly do, too. After just a couple of weeks since the new site went live, their numbers have already begun to climb. The site loads quickly, displaying content and messages in a way that keeps their potential clients engaged. The new MDSI website truly is an artful installation of the best kind, the kind that invites viewers to become a part of the experience.



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