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Local Marketing with Door Hang Tags

Door hangers can be a lot more versatile than we often give them credit for. When Jon and Lanbin of Nimbus Property Management contacted me about their next marketing piece, we settled on a set of door hangers for precisely that versatility.

They were looking for a good tool for local marketing with an initial emphasis on neighborhood-level local but keeping the door open for a broader reach in the future. They wanted to get the word out to their close-in client base that they really can do it all from buying and selling properties to helping with a variety of property management services. The challenge in the project was in balancing the complexity of their needs with their time constraints, budget, and most importantly aesthetics.

We designed a set of door hangers with tear-off tops to give them options. For those folks who were home when they stopped by, Jon and Lanbin could easily tear off the top of the door hanger, leaving the conveniently-sized main marketing piece with their new contact. When potential contacts aren’t home, they can leave the same piece behind as a door hanger.

To help keep the design versatile, making it easy for Jon and Lanbin to re-order without needing further design work and therefore keeping costs down, we focused on a clear, concise marketing message for the top. We kept the design there simple, so these door hangers could be used in future yet-to-be-determined marketing projects that range beyond the select neighborhoods Nimbus Property Management already serves.

If you’re looking to develop some new printed or online marketing materials or just need to get reprints of some of your old favorites, feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Likewise, Jon and Lanbin would be happy to talk to you about your real estate or property management needs. Contact them at Nimbus Property Management.  Products for Family Events


Nimbus Property Management

Job Type:

  • Design of Door Hang Tags
  • Printing with Die Cut top and perforated card

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