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Laughing Crow Salon Indoor Banners

Client Name:

Laughing Crow Salon
Eugene, OR


Branded Fabric Wall Banners

Melissa and the Laughing Crow Salon crew are getting ready for their one-year anniversary this week. (Congratulations!) As they prepared for their open house celebration, Melissa was inspired to make a few changes. One aspect of Laughing Crow Salon she loves is the organic, natural products they use in all their beauty services. She wanted to help her customers connect with the roots of those products more clearly. A set of custom wall art banners featuring the herbs and other natural ingredients along with her product line was in order.

After I measured up the various spaces Melissa wanted to use for her new informational artwork, we consulted on the concept. I listened to what she wanted, then dug into a little research on her product line so I could accurately marry her ideas with the herbs and elements that make Laughing Crow Salon so special.

In the end, Melissa was thrilled. We produced eight banners of varying sizes, each printed and sized to fit her space perfectly. If you want to see them in-person, stop by Laughing Crow Salon in Eugene, Oregon. I’m sure the crew would love to share an all natural beauty treatement or two with you while you’re there.

If you’d like to jazz up your office, shop, restaurant, place of business, or even your home with your own set of custom printed banners or prints, contact me. I’d love to help you tailor your space with custom printed art.

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