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Custom Print Products for Special Events

retractablebanner-mockupOne of the favorite parts of my job is being able to offer a solution to a client in need. This month, I received a call from Kirk Strohman. He was in a bind…well, really his partner Kim was in a bind.

She needed something special for her parents anniversary. She was looking for a cutout she could bring or have shipped to the event back east. She thought she had a solution, but it turned out the image she wanted to use was not big enough. I offered her another idea.

What about a 33 inch wide by 81 inch (84 cm by 206 cm) tall retractable fabric banner? She was intrigued. I had a few different visual samples to choose from. The Premium model turned out to be a perfect solution. I scanned her image at the right resolution, color corrected it, and did some final touchups, then I formatted it to fit the banner.

Since this was a time crunch I ordered expedited shipping. The event was a week away and in Ohio. I was able to get it produced, ordered, and shipped so it arrived the day before the event all at a reasonable price.

Kim and Kirk were happy. Everyone loved the banner, especially Mom and Dad. Their expression says it all.I love personal projects like this. They give me the opportunity to help others show how much they care. The next time you’re planning a special event, give me a call to help you get exactly the printing you want to make the day a success.


Kim Strohman

Job Type:

  • Retractable Banner
  • Custom Scanning

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