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Brochure Design and Printing with a Tight Budget

Laughing Crow Salon Brochure

Like many new business owners, Melissa, owner of Laughing Crow Salon, just started her business seven months ago and she’s put everything into it. When she asked me to quote her for a new brochure, I knew we’d need to keep the costs as tight as possible.

Her goal: Add Massage to her services list and print in time for an upcoming trade show.

My goal: Design a Refined brochure that reflects the sophisticated nature of Eugene’s only truly Organic Salon for a cost in alignment with this fledgling business’s budget.

The reality was I had a project with both a tight budget and a tight timeline. My first piece of advice for Melissa was all about helping her keep her costs low. I asked her to provide her copy proofed, organized, and ready to go. I already had her logo, fonts, and colors from a past project I’d done for her, so that helped cut my design time down, too. With Melissa’s copy in hand, proofed and organized perfectly from the get-go, I got to work.

We chose a heavier paper, 100 lb. cover stock, that would hold up even crammed into a potential client’s purse at a busy tradeshow. I used a matte finish to give it an upscale look. Using my own vendors, I kept the printing costs considerably lower than Vista Print or the others That definitely made Melissa smile.

Using the fonts from the Laughing Crow Salon logo, I aimed to create a piece that reflected Melissa’s refined nature. I set each of her services in its own section and used lots of white space, giving them the clean, spacious feeling that customers will get when they arrive at the salon. Above all, I like the brochures I design to offer potential clients a taste of the services promised. With Laughing Crow Salon’s brochure, Melissa and I agreed that we’ve done just that.

If you’re looking for a full service, organic salon in the Eugene, Oregon, area, check out Laughing Crow Salon. Men and women alike will love their emphasis on caring for the environment as much as they care for their clients, organic and with pride.

For brochure design that reflects your business, give me a call. If you’ve got a design you love and just need printing, I can offer that as well at a refreshingly low cost, too.


Laughing Crow Salon
Melissa Bosch

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Brochure Design and Printing

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