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Big Commerce was a Perfect Fit


When McConnell’s Show Horse Supply wanted to take their traditional store online, Big Commerce turned out to be the perfect fit. I like Big Commerce for it’s pricing structure and feature set. I’ve used Virtuemart and Joomla for other clients and have often been frustrated that so many of the features I’ve needed are nearly there, but not quite working as my client desires. I’ve had to spend time programming to make those tools work. With Big Commerce, those bugs have been worked out already.

For McConnell’s Show Horse Supply, Big Commerce turned out to be an excellent choice. Adding products was a breeze as was adding video and images. Big Commerce’s powerful product attributes settings allowed me to easily adjust product pricing as needed. Big Commerce also offered multiple payment portals and shipping portals. Another feature I liked was their security and back-ups. They provide the SSL certificate as part of their hosting plans.

We got McConnell’s Show Horse Supply up and selling relatively quickly and, most importantly, within budget. Big Commerce made the job easier, which saved my clients money. If you’re looking for an excellent, commercial-grade shopping cart, Big Commerce is a powerful choice. I can help you get started or migrate your existing site. Contact me for a free consultation today.

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McConnell’s Show Horse Supply

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Ecommerce Website Design and Implementation


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