SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to increase your online traffic and, business leads. As companies focus more and more on online business, it is important to incorporate various marketing approaches like local and national SEO into your marketing mix.

Both types of Search Engine Optimization are similar in their purpose – they are meant to place your business on top of a Google Search Engine Results Pages or somewhere near at least. 

The first few positions in Google get the most clicks and those companies have the highest chance of getting picked for what customers are looking for. The main difference is where the visitors are coming from to get to your site. For local search, you always focus on people who live in close proximity to your business. Which is great if you only work or need leads from that area. On the flip side, companies using national Search Engine Optimization want to get as much traffic possible from the entire country.

While local SEO yields the best results for small and medium businesses that rely heavily on local customers like a doctor’s office or a tree service, national SEO is ideal for e-commerce shops and companies that deliver their goods and services nationwide. If you want to know which is right for your business contact us today and get a free Search Engine Optimization audit.

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