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Mud Paw Design House Can Save You Money on Printing – Vista Print is not a cheap as you think.

I was shocked after checking into printing rates this season after a client asked me about low cost printing options. What he wanted was a lower printing bill, and he was afraid that by asking me to handle it he’d end up paying for design time plus printing rates in the neighborhood of the rates he’d seen quoted online. If you’ve got a design you like already, I can still help you get the best possible printing prices with no extra charges for design time. I’m always frustrated when I hear new business or small business owners talk about finding great deals through online sources like Vista Print. Sure, that means I didn’t get their business, but more importantly it means that I know they paid waaaay too much.
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Selling Your Business…Buying an Online Presence With It

When you’re buying or selling a business, particularly a retail or restaurant style business, it’s easy to get so caught up in the physical and legal aspects, like property owned by the business, inventory, and business agreements, that you forget the electronic stuff. What I’m talking here is the business’s online presence. Well-marketed, well-cared for businesses don’t stop at their website. Their online presence includes an array of listings, social marketing platforms, Youtube and other audio or video accounts, email marketing lists, and quite possibly one or more hosting accounts or domain names. That online presence, even if it hasn’t been updated recently, has value…significant value in many cases.
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