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Tips to Grow your Email Mailing List

We all know that the first step in successful marketing is to gain an audience and the second is to deliver information they want to hear. The third step, which often goes unrecognized, is building that audience. More people listening equals a greater chance of a sale, right?
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Clear Marketing Message

Get Clear About Your Marketing Message

If you want to make your marketing really work for you, it pays to spend some time getting clear about your marketing message. What I mean by that is you want to understand your products or services from your customer's perspective. That kind of understanding is what separates the pros from the hacks. It helps you to create marketing materials that resonate with your customers, catching their attention and causing them to take action.
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Ghost Spam – What it is and what can you do about it.

Ghost spam is sometimes called referrer spam or referral spam. It alters your google analytics numbers, but not your site rankings. It can drive up the rankings for the bad guys by bouncing traffic from your site to theirs so Google thinks they’re getting a lot of referrals from you. Overall it's not a real problem for you, unless you actually use your analytics numbers. For those businesses who care about how potential clients are using their site, Ghost Spam can create turmoil and losses that are very real.
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