I am going to begin my story about Small Co. they wanted to grow their business. See there was Web Co. and they said they could make a website and get more business for Small Co.

Small Co. was sold.

So Web Co. diligently went to work making a website. Oh the pages looked great and the colors were spot on the brand. Small Co. was thrilled. The new website had everything they wanted cool pictures and content. Forms that customers could fill out that Small Co. could use to generate new business.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

Little did they know that there was something amiss.

One day Small Co. Decided to hire a marketing person for their office, let’s call her Julia. First thing was to build a new site as the other one was already two years old. So, the new hire got to work. The owner of Small Co. said whatever you do, don’t waste any time on forms. “Why?” Julia said. Well, we never received one response in two years from the old site. Julia thought that was odd. She began digging in and realized no one had logged into the site in two years.

What she found was amazing. There were 400 form entries saved on the server they were never delivered and no one at Small Co. knew about them. Julia reached out to each one of the customers to apologize. At the end of all this Small Co. lost almost $800,000 in revenue. Needless to say, Small Co. fired Web Co.

The real end to the story here is that no matter how good the site looks if all the parts are not checked and made sure they work the website is for naught. Make it point to hire a company that makes sure your forms work or you could be losing $1000s in revenue.

Before we launch your website Mud Paw Design performs a thorough checklist to make sure your site works when we are done. So you don’t lose 1000’s.

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