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Tips To Make Your Business Stand Out On A Crowded Street

Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out

Many businesses have a bricks and mortar location, that is a physical place where they can meet customers and make sales or offer services. Accountants, Retail shops, Yoga studios, Music teachers, restaurants, golf courses, and hotels are just a few of the many other types of businesses who depend on drawing potential customers to their location. For each one of them, catching the attention of potential customers can make or break their business.


If you’re looking to grow the numbers of potential customers who come through your doors, there are a few fairly simple ways you can do so. Start off with your sign. Ensure that you have the largest sign you can for your business. You’re competing not only with the many distractions of other business signs in your area, other marketing tools used by local businesses, and traffic. You’re competing with the many stresses and distractions in your customer’s life, such as the kids in their back seat or the meeting they just attended or even the song playing on the radio. Ensure your sign is large, bright, and clear to make it easy for potential customers to find you.


Window vinyl signs can turn your display window or other windows into large advertisements telling your public what you do. These are especially useful for service businesses and restaurants. They offer you a fairly low-cost way to shout out to folk without hiring a barker to grab attention.


Sandwich boards that display your business name and logo are another way to catch attention and draw people into your place. If you have daily or weekly specials or services you’d like to advertise, add those to your sandwich board chalk-board style or in a more permanent fashion. Sandwich boards are especially good at grabbing the attention of people who are biking or walking. They work well for businesses who are set back and away from the main flow of traffic so that their signs aren’t easily visible to drivers.


Street flags are an even better way to catch the attention of drivers and others on the street. They work well for all businesses, but for those who are set back or cannot have a large and easily visible sign a street flag can truly boost visibility. Keep your street flags simple in design. Potential customers on the street are often unable to take the time to read a lot, so a very simple design that draws attention is best.


Promotional banners are a terrific way to get your message across to potential customers. They can be, in essence, a giant advertisement for what you do. Make yours flashy and clear. Focus on your key services or products. Make sure you include your logo and location if you cannot hang your banner near your storefront or entrance.SignsVinyl Window SignsSandwich BoardsStreet FlagsPromitional BannersWhen you design your sign, include high contrast. Consider the colors and textures of the environment around your business. If many other businesses are using yellow on red, for instance, try white against dark blue. The key is to contrast within the sign but also with the signs and colors of the buildings around you. That will help your sign stand out in the crowd.Vinyl window signs should contrast with the interior of your place of business. Often, colors like red, white, or yellow stand out and catch attention. Try a swatch of each of these colors on your window before you make your final selection. You can get inexpensive rolls of colored duct tape from most hardware stores that will suffice even if they don’t match the shade you’re going to order. You’re really looking to see that the color you’ve chosen does, indeed, stand out against the background of your storefront.Sandwich boards come in many sizes and shapes. Be sure you’re aware of any regulations your city or community has regarding the size and shape of sandwich boards before you design yours. Be clear about the message you want to get across, too. If you’ve got specials that change regularly, a sandwich board you can write on makes sense. If, however, you want to ensure potential customers know what you do, a few key words or phrase printed on your sandwich board may be better.Some street flags are designed to stay outside, like a semi-permanent sign, while others are designed to come in and out depending on weather and other factors. When you design yours, be sure to keep in mind how you want to use it. If you’ll be carrying it in and out daily, be sure it’s not too big to carry or reasonably store. If you’ll be leaving it out all the time, be sure it’s designed so it can be secured in place to avoid possible theft. Also, be aware of any regulations your city or community may have regarding street flags before you begin designing.Most promotional banners that are hung outside last between six months to a year, depending on your climate. Windy conditions with temperature extremes are likely to wear a banner out faster than more temperate conditions. Design your banner with that timeframe in mind so you can focus on the specials or services you’re promoting during that time knowing that you’ll be changing your banner when your specials or services change. With banners, frequent change is profitable, so planning for it makes sense.


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