Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Taking a product from the garage to the globe is a process. When a maker comes up with a widget let’s say, they spend all their time working out the kinks, figuring out the best way to make it, finding the best materials, and finally getting it ready to be bought.

But now what…

The widget maker is ready to go, but wait they are not web designers or e-commerce experts they make widgets.

So what do they do? 

They try to do it themselves they focus all their time learning how to create a website, how to create an e-commerce store, how to set-up social media, how to connect it all and finally get to wait for their first sale.

Now that they have learned and committed all that time to make their online presence they have not done the thing they loved to do and they were good at in the first place. Make widgets that they can sell.

So the question is are they, widget makers or E-commerce experts?

If they want to continue doing what they love then the answer is being a widget maker and that is what they should be doing, in the long run, to be successful.

Mud Paw Design can get their widget from the garage to the globe.

Connect us with all those widget makers that want to sell to everyone.

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